4 Benefits Of Outsourcing Fulfilment To A Third-Party Logistics Company

scanning package

Whether to outsource logistics or manage it internally is a key question for most e-commerce enterprises. Usually, a thorough cost-benefit analysis of both options is necessary. It can help determine which makes the most sense before making a choice.  Order fulfillment outsourcing is becoming a preferred choice, albeit the choice is often based on various…

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Importance Of Demand Forecasting for Your E-commerce Business

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What is Demand Forecasting? It’s a process of using predictive analysis of data to predict and estimate the future demands of a service/product by customers. For any e-commerce business, this process offers significant benefits. It has a great impact on making well-informed supply decisions that predict the revenue and sales for a future period.  Demand…

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What Is A Warehouse Management System (WMS)? How Does It Work?

man in warehouse

For any business that deals in physical goods and materials, having a warehouse management system (WMS) enables them to more efficiently and smoothly control, manage, and analyze how they flow through their fulfillment or distribution center.  WMS software systems not only provide a clear overview of operations and inventory flows through the warehouse, but also…

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The Complete Guide To Small Parcel Shipping

boxes on desk

Small parcel shipping stays true to its name as it mainly involves the shipment of small items with the help of a shipping carrier. Generally speaking, if you intend to send items like toys for children or a fruit cake in a tin can, those would be considered small parcels. And if you think small…

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8 Types Of Warehouses For Your E-Commerce Business


Online eCommerce business is seeing rapid growth globally. The convenience online shopping offers makes it a preferable option for customers. But, the high demand means that brands have to keep high inventory levels. When we talk about a business’ product fulfillment and shipping logistics, warehousing is something that we simply cannot ignore. Today, there is…

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Delivery Exceptions: What They Are & How To Handle Them


If you read our post on the Key Factors To Consider When Choosing a Logistics Service Provider, you’ll want to read our article with everything about delivery exceptions. But first, we need to answer a question that everyone in e-commerce ends up looking up: what is a delivery exception? What’s a delivery exception? A delivery…

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What Is Freight Shipping? Everything You Need To Know!

freight shipping

If you’re not so familiar with the world of shipping, you may need help understanding what freight shipping entails. Learn about the basics of freight shipping, the different types of freight shipments, and more in this comprehensive guide! Find out everything you need to know now! When talking about moving goods from one place to…

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What Does A Custom Broker Do?

customs form

A customs broker is integral to the process if you are in the import or export business or any form of international trade. Customs brokers ensure that goods are legally imported and exported from one country to another. They help import or export firms avoid breaking any law while carrying out their business. They must…

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Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Logistics Service Provider

ship yard and plane

Before selecting a logistics service provider, it’s important to understand what you need for your business. Consider the size of your company and how much freight needs to get shipped regularly. Next, you need to answer the question, ‘what logistics company do you need’? For a start, assess whether the provider has enough resources to…

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E-commerce Fulfillment: Definition, Process & Selection

woman holding boxes

Do you feel like your customers conspire to leave you a shipload of negative reviews after receiving a late, lost, or damaged package? Are you an eCommerce business owner who is tired of having to deal with abandoned shopping carts? If you’re looking for a way to improve your customers’ experience and increase sales, quality…

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