Types of Logistics


Logistics flow refers to the movement and route of certain goods, shipments, packages, items, or data within the supply chain networks. It’s between when products or info is generated and utilized. These three logistical procedures handled by a logistics company relate to the three fundamental orientations.  Inbound logistics Outbound logistics Reverse logistics Inbound Logistics Inbound…

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Common In-House Fulfilment Challenges Faced By Ecommerce Online Stores

online store

One common mistake by most business owners is the “I can do it all” approach. A common area where most of these businesses fail, over time, especially when they begin to scale up is logistics. Hiring a professional international logistics company fully addresses this problem but are businesses willing to switch from in-house order fulfilment…

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Why Should You Work With A Customs Broker?

customs broker

You probably want efficiency and convenience when clearing your goods from imposed custom duties as an importer or exporter. Are you aware that the US and Canada have had the best business relationship they have had in a long time? Most organizations that engage in this trade rely on exporting and importing goods and services…

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